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Blumen Wallpaper


Electronic wallpaper display, 2004

Blumen transforms traditional decorative surfaces into a rich, dynamic display of botanical life. It divides and ornaments space and can be seen in a wallpaper format as sliding panels. By working with traditional pattern making we have created an ornate printed design that is at the same time a working electrical circuit using electroluminescent technology. The repeating pattern allows the piece to be cut into smaller sections and even reassembled.


[Reverse of the Blumen circuit]

The Blumen print is constructed from a number of addressable cells and with the use of various sensors the pattern emerges and develops in response to its environment. Based on the space the panels are presented in, and the characteristics of the sensor used, we develop an animated pattern language described in software.


[Blumen next to BioWall as seen at NewBritishDesigners, Amsterdam 2006]

Blumen is available to commission for both private individuals and commercial customers.


[Still frames from a video of Blumen being animated]

click here to see a movie
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