We teamed up with Belvedere Vodka (Red) to take over Manhattan’s Meatpacking district with a spectacular light show and music experience with electro-funk DJ duo Chromeo-DJ set to raise awareness around the beginning of the end of AIDS for World Aids Day 2012.

Together with structural engineers Ramboll, we created the huge centerpiece for the electronic take-over of Gansevoort Plaza, using the latest parametric design tools. We designed an ephemeral tree canopy over 6 meters high with hundreds of composite fibre arches and thousands of LEDs.

Described as an architectural necklace with thousands of beads threaded onto high performance carbon rods and coated in reflective glass for optimum visibility and optical effect, it is designed to move gently with the breeze. We took the Arch as our building block, delicately iterated in space a multitude of times. Carbon rods are bent into an array of arches creating an inviting and luminous environment that is familiar yet uncanny in its scale and lightness. This structure is an example of our work into ephemeral and non-standard architectural forms using parametric design and handcrafting.

Rachel Wingfield/ Mathias Gmachl/ Jenny Wilson/ Jono Wingfield/ Lucie Beauvert/ Santiago Ortega/ Julia Hartmann/ Chris Goff/ James Tattersall/ Harri Lewis/ Stephen Melville/ Daniella Greenwald/ Zana Ajvazi