The Biological Bakery

WHERE: Studio Four, London
WHEN: 27 January 2014
CLIENT: Channel 4, Architecture in Helsinki

Dream A Little Crazy music video commissioned by Aussie pop band Architecture In Helsinki is a surreal candy–coloured–scientific–circus, that collaborators Lucy McRae and Rachel Wingfield call ‘The Biological Bakery’.

A series of absurd machines provide the backdrop for this entirely edible DIY bio fab–lab operated by lead vocalist Dr Bird and his twinned assistants. Using familiar baking processes that merge the mass production of food with the representation of the body, a production line of miniaturised band members are transformed into edible, cloned body parts that are dipped and rotated on mass in huge vats of bacterial skin. The Biological Bakery hints at how synthetic biology could develop in the home.

The Biological Bakery is a creative collaboration led by body architect Lucy McRae and spatial experimenter Rachel Wingfield who operate on the fringes of magic, science and intuition. Interfacing the body with the spheres of architecture and society their experimental and playful approach celebrates the epiphany in the creative and innovation process.

Dream a Little Crazy is a happiness filled tune crafted for a generation of anti-gloom futurists.

the film

Stills from Architecture in Helsinki's lates music video

Cloned faces



Director – Lucy McRae
Art Director – Rachel Wingfield
Creative Technical Director – Mathias Gmachl
Narrative + Strategist – Thomas Ermacora
Producer – Loop.pH
Director of Photography – Luke Palmer
First Assistant to Photographer – Simon Lakos
Editors – Leandro Santini + Dan Lowe
Visual Effects – Rainer Stolle
3D Body Scan – Brad Marmion
Visual Effects Assistant – Realexis Christofides
1st Assistant Director – Frank Verkade
Production Assistant – Tamsin Vibert
Biological Bakery Logo – Warren Taylor
Costume – Cameron Bird

Art Department
Serhan Ahmet
Khedidja Benniche
Lesley-Ann Daly
Dan Lowe
April Shergold
Aoife O’Sullivan
Production Design Assistants
Joe Bond
Georgina Norris
Dr Bird – Cameron Bird
Twinned Assistants – Andrew Savage + Nick Savage

Special Thanks
Hannah Chamley, Stevie Issaac, Angela Hart, Jennie Fergadstrom, Theresa Gmachl, Matthew Casey and Mark Shaw