March 1, 2010

Liberation of Light Exhibition

TITLE: Liberation of Light Exhibition
Sonumbra showcase
PLACE: Eindhoven, Holland
WHEN: 1 March 2010
CLIENT: Designhuis


We were invited to exhibit Sonumbra as part of the Liberation of Light exhibition at Designhuis, Eindhoven. The exhibition showcased interactive lighting, the use of lighting in public spaces and architecture and commented on a light revolution and the sweeping affects of adopting LED as lighting’s new source.

Liberation of Light was first presented in 2010 in Eindhoven and then travelled to Beijing and Guangzhou in China to great acclaim. The exhibition is ever evolving to include and represent the most enhanced technological developments in the field of lighting.

TEAM: Rachel Wingfield, Mathias Gmachl

LINKS:  Designhuis Liberation of Light on Tour