April 6, 2010

Lexus Hybrid Art

TITLE: Lexus Hybrid Art
PROJECT: Multi media Exhibition
PLACE:  Moscow, Russia
WHEN: 06 April 2010

From 2nd to 4th April, audio visual and multimedia art exhibition “Lexus Hybrid Art” opened its doors just around the corner of the Red Square at Gallery Art Centre “Vetoshny”.


During the exhibition a “Battle of Ideas” was held where the participants of “Lexus Hybrid Art” will talk about their hybrid projects followed by an open discussion on hybrid art and its perspectives and possibilities for the future.


Curators of the exhibition: Olga Barkovskaya and Anna BelyaevaCurator “Battle of Ideas”: Dmitry Bulatov.


Hybrid art, a new language of art! Hybrid Art is a new way to translate the present, a new format for artworks. Hybrid art blurs the traditional boundaries between painting, sculpture, film, architecture, installation and performance art. In this interdisciplinary approach artists fuse different genres and teachings from literature, scientific research, industrial design and information technology to philosophy and pop culture.


Hybrid art opens a broad window for creative experiment. Artists re-invent art, using innovative methods and high-tech materials. The project “Lexus Hybrid Art” explores how the latest discoveries and technologies enable us to change the reality of our perception and lead to a greater awareness of the human impact on the future. This project, initialized by Lexus, shows us an image of the future.


Presented for the first time in Moscow these headliners and award winners at the world’s largest media art festivals and digital art exhibitions such as Transmediale (Berlin), Ars Electronica (Linz), DECODE: Digital Design Sensations (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) and Elastic Mind (MoMA, New York), initiated a dialogue about the art of the future, emerging at the intersection of science, culture and technology. laravel cms


TEAM: Rachel Wingfield, Mathias Gmachl, Jenny Wilson, Jono Wingfield

LINKS: LexusHybridArt

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