February 4, 2014

#A.I.L – artists in laboratories, episode 52: Loop.pH

Tune in to #ResonanceFM tomorrow at 4pm!! where we talk in the series ‘artists in laboratories’ with Regine Debatty #wmmna

The new episode of #A.I.L – artists in laboratories, the weekly radio programme about art and science on ResonanceFM, London’s favourite radio art station, is aired tomorrow Wednesday afternoon at 4pm.

“My guests in the studio will be Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield from Loop.pH. The work of the London-based studio speculates on near and far future scenarios as a way to probe at the social and environmental impact of emerging biological and technological futures. Some of their most renown projects include collaborating with a Nobel prize winner to communicate the functioning of molecular machines, designing a curtain made of algae that produce bio-fuel, setting up an edible DIY bio fab-lab for the video of Aussie band Architecture In Helsinki, creating an immersive sound and light performance that explores the field of neuroscience and investigating the possibilities of living architecture.”