Lunar Dome

WHERE: The Walk at JBR, Dubai
WHEN: 18 June - 25 July 2015

A new Archilace structure and ambient display inspired by the lunar calendar for The Walk in JBR Dubai for the month of Ramadan.

The dynamic and slowly moving light was reminiscent of the ever changing moon light and represented the passing of time during the Holy Month. Each day there was a different lighting scheme projected onto the ephemeral surface of the Lunar Dome.

The 5m structure was fabricated onsite over 2 days with a small team of designers and local architects, and then disassembled back into a suitcase of bendy glass rods.

Huge thanks go to the talented architects Nizar Taha and Viraat Kumar for joyfully building alongside us and organising the most amazing group of volunteers!

Produced by Brag Dubai and commissioned by Masat.