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16 Sep '14

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BEYOND Archilace

We used our new software development to grow an Archilace Structure on the roof of the Tolhuistuin building to celebrate its grand opening as part of Transnaturals’ BEYOND Biennial. 

Together with a local group of Archilace weavers we fabricated the double walled form … Read More

01 Mar '12

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Kensington Archilace

Kensington Archilace was the winning proposal for a permanent new light commission as part of Kensington Palace’s renovation project. Loop.pH created a responsive light environment within the palace, hand woven from electro-luminous fibres.

Cutting edge digital … Read More

01 Feb '11

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Shenkar ArchiLace Workshop

The workshop explored the potential of large-scale, self-supporting Archilace structures as a new mode for designers, architects and citizens to intervene with the built environment. The approach recognizes architecture as a process and in a state of constant repair, and … Read More

17 Aug '15

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Lunar Dome

A new Archilace structure and ambient display inspired by the lunar calendar for The Walk in JBR Dubai for the month of Ramadan.

The dynamic and slowly moving light was reminiscent of the ever changing moon light and … Read More

24 Mar '15

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OSMO @ TED2015

We responded to TEDs 2015 theme of Truth & Dare by creating an experience that remediates invisible pollution from today’s technology, such as Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s), whilst offering a respite for those addicted to, … Read More

10 Nov '14

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Atmeture is an ephemeral luminous architectural tunnel that draws visitors into an open and animated form woven from lightweight fibres.

The geometric latticework is performed when filled with transparent inflating membranes that are animated by being pumped with … Read More

28 Aug '14

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BEYOND Biennial Fabricate

Dear friends in Amsterdam!

We are looking for a small and dedicated team of local volunteers in Amsterdam to help us fabricate an ambitious Archilace piece on the 12, 13 & 14 September … Read More

05 Aug '14

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New intern and training opportunity

We are looking for several textile or design students who are interested in learning how to make electronic lace on an architectural scale for the re-make of Kensington Palace Archilace in London.

There would be a 2 week training period starting on … Read More

20 May '12

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We built a new site-specific installation for LICHTSTROEME 2012 in Koblenz, Germany using the Archilace technique. The installation gave homage to the work of Ernst Haeckel, one of the first thinkers who successfully bridged the gap between art and the sciences.

Archilace is … Read More

18 Apr '12

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Luminale 2012

During Light + Building 2012, the streets of Frankfurt were flooded with light-based art and light installations with more than 140,000 visitors. The Luminale provides an International platform for ideas and innovations on lighting design, energy efficiency, new technologies and materials … Read More

01 Oct '11

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Space Crafting Workshop

TITLE: Space Crafting Workshop PROJECT: Specialist space crafting workshop PLACE: Kauno, Lithiuania WHEN: 1 October 2011 CLIENT: Kauno Textile Bienale

DESCRIPTION: As part of the Forward: Collaboration programme at the 2011 Kauno Bienale  we were invited to deliver a creative workshop that analysed the future of art … Read More

01 Oct '11

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Space Crafting Workshop

As part of the ‘Forward: Collaboration’ programme at the 2011 Kauno Bienale in Lithuania we were invited to deliver a creative workshop that analysed the future of art and textiles in the fields of hi-tech, smart textiles and interdisciplinary experiments.

We … Read More

15 Feb '11

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Futuro Textiles 3

A brand new Archilace commission and Sonumbra showcase for Futuro Textiles 3 was commissioned by Lille3000 in Barcelona, it was part of a brand new tour that was originally created in 2006. 

The exhibition focussed on bio-textiles, smart textiles, new materials and … Read More

01 Dec '10

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Spiratomic Space

Spiratomic Space is a generative, emergent light and sound environment with a luminous and responsive growth.

Once activated the installation becomes a highly charged and dynamic system with a sensitive dependence on its environment. The viewer drawn to the space … Read More

14 May '10

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International Design Triennial: Why Design Now?

Archilace & MetaboliCity Exhibition

MetaboliCity “biomimetic architecture modeled on molecular structures and metabolism in living cells.”

MetaboliCity is an urban ecosystem that supports modular farming systems. A lightweight textile structure, whose form is based on non-Euclidean geometry and molecular biology, … Read More

01 Jul '09

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Shoreditch Festival Pavilion

A living green pavilion with edible climbing plants designed for the Shoreditch Festival 2009 and sponsored by VolkerHighways. The open-frame pavilion was constructed from thousands of individually woven loops, a technique developed by the studio for over 10 years called Archilace.

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